Don’t let blind spots in your physical performance lead to injury. Leave your Performance Testing knowing exactly what you need to improve on.

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Our Performance Testing is rooted in providing athletes the best service, ensuring optimal return to sport or season-long monitoring. Using our advanced testing system, we identify physical gaps and tailor rehab accordingly, eliminating guesswork. For instance, our ACL protocols involve 21 metrics tested over different timelines using VALD Performance products like Force Frame, Force Decks, Nordbord, Smart Speed, Dynamo, etc. Every athlete undergoes baseline testing to inform programming, ensuring your investment aligns with your goals. Explore more about our Performance Testing.



the process


Go Through Your Previous History & Goals

This is where we can gather all the information we need prior to the testing session. What are the athletes goals and what metrics we need to collect.

Enter The Testing Process

This is where the fun begins! We will collect all the information we need to make educated decisions with your program to support your journey.

Reflect On Your Data

Once your testing session wraps up, your practitioner will go through all the data from your session. It's during this time that we will lay the foundation for the next steps ahead in your athletic journey.

Receive Your Report

One of the best parts of the Performance Testing is receiving your individualized report. It's on this 10+ page report that we will break down your results and our exact plan to help crush your goals.


What Our Athletes Say

This is part of the $300 Championship Package*


Opt for a unique Performance Development Plan in your testing package to uncover blind spots and showcase your athletic strengths. The plan includes a two-step development approach, capacity testing, manual therapy testing, VALD Performance Metrics, and psychological readiness metrics (for rehabbing individuals). The report pinpoints specific gaps for you to target and guides the development of a personalized program to reach new athletic heights.



When you rehab at ORKA Performance, there is several different options in terms of booking. If you decide to do the Fixed Fee Model, you will be required to book 1-60 minute session per week. Session by Session Physiotherapy can be booked through 30 minute or 45 minute follow ups.

elite package


  • 60 Minute Testing Session.

  • In Person Review of The Data.

  • Print Out from VALD Performance Hub

  • Re-Testing Fee of $150 if you do not enter the OPP

championship package

(Return to sport)


  • Lead by Travis Gaudet (Director of Rehab) & Taylor Evernden (Director of Performance)

  • 60 Minute Testing Session.

  • In Person Review of The Data.

  • Performance Development Plan within 7 business days. Value $200

  • Follow Up Program Addressing Blind Spots: Value $150

  • Re-Testing Fee of $150 if you do not enter the OPP



We are so confident that you will have a stand up experience during your performance testing that we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with your appointment*.

* Must be brought up immediately following the appointment before all reports are created and delivered.


discovery call

If you’re interested in learning more about Performance Testing and how it can help you, book a call with our Director of Performance, Taylor Evernden below.

1st Meeting

ORKA Performance Discovery Call (April)

15 Mins


Frequently Asked Questions

What is ORKA Performance?

ORKA Performance is a sports performance and rehabilitation center based in Calgary and Edmonton, specializing in athlete development, sports physiotherapy, and ACL rehabilitation.

What services does ORKA Performance offer?

ORKA Performance offers a range of services including youth athlete development, sports physiotherapy, return to sport rehab, and professional strength & conditioning.

What is the ORKA Performance Program (OPP)?

The ORKA Performance Program (OPP) is a comprehensive coaching program designed for youth, collegiate, semi-pro, and professional athletes to enhance their performance and reduce the risk of injury.

How is ORKA Physiotherapy different from other physiotherapy services?

ORKA Physiotherapy provides an integrated approach to rehabilitation, ensuring collaboration between strength coaches, physiotherapists, sports medicine doctors, and coaches. The use of advanced technology further enhances the quality of care.

How does ORKA Physiotherapy personalize the rehabilitation process?

ORKA Physiotherapy creates individualized rehab programs using objective testing to guide the process. This ensures that each program is tailored to the specific injury and needs of the athlete.

What equipment and technology does ORKA Physiotherapy utilize?

ORKA Physiotherapy utilizes advanced technology including VALD Force Decks, VALD Performance Force Frame, VALD Nordboard, Compex 8.0 NEMS, and Blood Flow Restriction technology to support the rehabilitation process.

What is the Rehab Membership Program at ORKA Performance?

The Rehab Membership Program offers unlimited access to the facility for rehabilitation at an affordable price, allowing athletes to work on their injury five days a week under professional guidance.

How does ORKA Performance handle ACL rehabilitation?

ORKA Performance provides a structured 5-stage rehabilitation pathway for ACL injuries, ensuring a thorough and successful recovery process, including sports medicine, physiotherapy, strength & conditioning, and more.

How can I get started with ORKA Performance?

To get started with ORKA Performance, you can book a discovery call, followed by an initial 60-minute assessment. Sessions will then be outlined by your therapist, and you can enjoy the rehabilitation process.

What are the office and gym hours of ORKA Performance?

ORKA Performance is open from 9am to 5pm on Monday to Friday. Gym hours are from 3pm to 10pm on Monday to Thursday, 8am to 3pm on Friday, and 10am to 4pm on Sunday. Rehabilitation hours are from 7am to 8pm on Monday to Friday, and Saturday.


9am - 5pm Monday - Friday


3pm-10pm Monday-Thursday

8am-3pm Friday

10am-4pm Sunday

Rehabilitation Hours

7am-8pm Monday - Friday

7:30am - 2pm Saturday


  • 587 416 5912 (Main Line)

  • (587) 387-7244 (Fax)

  • CALGARY: Unit 160 11358 Barlow Trail NE - Located across the street from the Mercedes Benz Dealership

  • EDMONTON: Unit 220 167 Provincial Avenue - Located Upstairs and beside Fix Auto.

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