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ORKA Education was built as a curated platform for allied health practitioners, where knowledge, systems and execution can lead to an immediate and direct impact on patient outcomes. When we took a look at the current landscape of continuing education offerings across the fields, we felt it was packed full of courses that purely taught pain modulatory techniques, and it revealed gaps in several topics we felt crucial for optimizing client outcomes in the long-term, and that allowed practitioners to navigate the entire rehabilitation journey. The goal at ORKA Education is to provide a focused educational curriculum and tactical framework, centered around rehabilitation and performance principles.

Experience the ORKA Education Ecosystem's inaugural virtual offering with our engaging ORKA Practicals. Each session promises to be an enlightening educational journey, providing you with instant takeaways to seamlessly integrate into your professional practice. By participating, you'll be equipped to deliver optimal outcomes, empowering your clients and athletes to attain their rehabilitation and performance goals. Join us as we navigate the intersection of knowledge and practical application for a transformative learning experience.

We are so excited to expand our reach in the rehab & performance space and we hope you enjoy being apart of ORKA Practicals.


orka practicals

Opt for virtual courses where your inputs=outputs, and finish modules with a return on investment through real life practicals that leave you with the understanding on how and when to apply the techniques learned, immediately changing your practice the day following completion.

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Orka practicals

Opt for virtual courses where your inputs=outputs, and finish modules with a return on investment through real life practicals that leave you with the understanding on how and when to apply the techniques learned, immediately changing your practice the day following completion.

End Stage Assessment and Interpretation

The modules



Learning all about the female athlete and how we as therapists/coaches can support our athletes and clients further. This module will take a deep dive into the menstrual cycle, it's phases, and how we can be hormonally aware for our athletes.



Business is incredibly hard and this module will go through all the lessons, wins, and failures that have lead us to where we are today. This will go through our client retention system, sales conversations, aquisition strategies, and methods that have worked for us.



This module is a staple within plinth to podium. We will outline everything needed to be successful in the early stages of performance rehab. This will go through our foundation and tissue integration phase while outlining exactly how we manage different athletes in this phase.



From start to finish we will go through exactly how we get our athletes moving days after surgery with our linear gait mechanic continuum. Then we will dive into all things speed development and how to put the icing on the cake for all your athletes and clients.



Strength and conditioning principles, periodization models, force velocity curve application, objective metrics in s&c, programming systems, exercise selection through strength capacity phasing, building the performance puzzle.



One of the most popular modules on p2p. In performance testing we will through our entire testing protocol for all of the main injuries we see at orka. This will go through capacity based testing, psychological readiness, and the entire suite of vald performance products and how we analyze and make decisions with the data.



Often times this is one of the most neglected aspects of performance based rehabilitation. In this block you will learn all things change of direction and how we prepare the athlete for more complex agility based programming.



Is conditioning the forgotten sibling in strength and conditioning? Most of the time it is. We will dive into our energy system models and how we implement the concept of mas with our athletes to individualize the prescription of conditioning.



"What the team over here at ORKA has done is just so incredible. I think it’s so much more above and beyond, it’s really where the rehab industry needs to be from a systems stand point, from a team standpoint, from a culture standpoint. I really took a lot away from a systems standpoint and also stuff that you can just put into practice right away. It really is all there. It’s something that truly should transform anyones practice.

I honestly feel like the guys and the team here are taking the industry to a place that it absolutely needs to be. “

Meet your mentors


MSc.PT., BSc.Kin., FCAMPT., Dip.Manip.PT., GunnIMS., CAFCI

Co-Owner, Director of Rehabilitation, Advanced Practice Clinician Physiotherapist

Travis, a 2013 Dalhousie University Masters of Physiotherapy graduate, received his 2018 Diploma of Advanced Manual and Manipulative Therapy, earning FCAMPT Fellowship and mentoring with the Canadian Physiotherapy Association's Orthopedic Division. Hailing from Charlottetown, PEI, Travis is on Physiotherapy Alberta’s restricted activity roster for spinal manipulation, diagnostic imaging, and dry needling. Certified in Gunn IMS, Acupuncture, and Diagnostic Imaging, he can order X-rays, MSK Ultrasounds, and MRIs when necessary. With secondary certifications in therapies like Stretch to Win and Mulligan Concepts, Travis is committed to evidence-based rehabilitation, injury prevention, and empowering patients/athletes toward a functional, pain-free lifestyle.


MSc Exercise Science, BSc. Kin, ASCA L2, CSEP CPT.

Co-Owner, Director of Performance.

Taylor, with a Bachelors in Kinesiology from the University of Saskatchewan and a Masters in Strength & Conditioning from Edith Cowan University, spent 3 years as a player with the U of S Huskies Men's Soccer Team. As the former Head of Sport Science/Strength & Conditioning at the Calgary Foothills Soccer Club, he oversaw athletic development for various teams. Taylor founded ORKA in late 2019 and has extensive consulting experience with organizations like Canada Soccer and Vancouver Whitecaps. With a background as the Performance Coach for the University of Calgary Men’s Soccer Program and Women’s Field Hockey Program, he has a strong focus on ACL Rehabilitation and return to sport rehab. Outside of work, Taylor enjoys various activities, including golfing and participating in the local men's soccer league, reflecting his passion for the job.





DATES: MARCH 22-24, 2024

NOVEMBER 22-24, 2024



We are so confident in ORKA Practicals that we will offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with everything that you learn while you embark on the immersive online offering.

We will ensure you that this is a system that you can implement into your business on Day 1. This is a guaranteed way to increase the life time value of your customer and offer a service that not many can compete with.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does this online course work?

ORKA Practicals is a virtual offering with lifetime access to the content through our educational platform. Each practical comes with a foundational theoretical pillar section, a core module section, and resource section. This course is at your own pace and can be completed at any time.

How is this course different from other resources on the market?

When we set out to develop ORKA Practicals, the core framework was addressing the what, the so what, and the now what. These practicals are with live patients from facilitators with real imperfections, who have identified their own blindspots and worked to upskill their skill sets to take a comprehensive approach to assessment, management, and overall periodization of the rehab journey. The ultimate goal is for you to leave these practicals with more answers than questions.

Is this course only for physiotherapists?

Through the foundational pillars provided and the workflow of the course, these practicals should ressonate with anybody in allied health including; physiotherapists, strength & conditioning coaches, kinesiologists, exercise physiologists, chiropractors, personal trainers, and physicians.

Do I need to take any pre-requisite courses or be in practice as a practitioner for a certain period of time before I take the course?

Not at all. There's no preliminary requirements, and all levels of practitioner are welcome.

Can I get a refund?

We are confident in our systems and frameworks, and have seen them work well in practice. So much so, we offer a money back guarantee. A full refund would be commensurate on the demonstration of participation within the courses, and application/utilization of the course material.

Do I need to do the Foundational Pillars Section?

The foundational pillars section was curated to try and close the gaps in knowledge across a wide array of professions and levels of competency. This section is recommended if any of the terminology framework or nomenclature is foreign to a participant as they are completing the core modules.


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