"Since first meeting Taylor in 2014 he’s been driven to grow and learn to be the best he can be. His experience playing CIS Soccer gives him a great wealth of knowledge in the sport and the understanding of how to improve my game. The best thing is Taylor is always there for me when I need him and his expert opinion. It’s great knowing I got him on my side."



"I am so happy and glad I had the opportunity to work with Taylor before heading off to play for Div 1 University of Colorado Buffs soccer team . From the first session with Taylor, I knew I was going to improve my game because of his professional attitude and his knowledge of the game. Heading into pre season, I felt the fittest I have ever been in my soccer career thanks to Taylor and his training methods. I strongly recommend any athlete who wants to reach that next level in their sport ,and is willing to work hard ,to train with Taylor. He has great knowledge of nutrition for an athlete , witch is key to being able to reach that next level in your sport. I can't wait to workwith Taylor again to improve my game even more."



Tyrin Hutchings,
Professional soccer player: Fc gute

"Taylor has been a vital part of my development as a PDL and University athlete. Through his guidance I have reached fitness levels I have never met before. This has also contributed to keeping healthy and injury free. I highly recommend Taylor for anyone who takes their sport seriously and wants to reach the next level!"


Mitchell Bauche,

Foothills FC/U of S Huskies

Taylor was my strength and conditioning coach during my time with the Foothills FC PDL team. Although he was working with a large group, Taylor gave me his full attention when required and was proficient in using any resources he could to help my cause. I suffered an injury near the beginning of the season at which time I spent more one-on-one time with Taylor. With his education and athletic backgrounds, Taylor provided me with practical activities that were beneficial and facilitated a stronger recovery. In my experience working with Taylor I believe his best asset was his willingness and belief in me to succeed. My strength and conditioning goals were not only mine, but also Taylor's personal goals.


Jordian Farahani,

Pro Soccer Player: IF Höttur

Taylor has sent me a number of different strength and conditioning programs over the years and I have made great strides and improvements on this side of my game. A former teammate of mine at the University of Saskatchewan Men’s Soccer team, he has the athletic background that I think enables him to add a practical application into his programs. For me, it is important that the exercises I’m doing in the gym make me a better athlete for my sport and specifically for my position. Taylor understands this. He holds a passion and severe interest in the sport science side of sports, which was evident while we were in school together. This combined with his footballing background is a large part of why I’ve got 100% trust in him and his work. I recommend him to anyone looking to make pragmatic improvements to their game. 


Braden McLean,

Team Canada Volleyball

The guys at ORKA Performance have been instrumental in my success as a volleyball player. After meeting them back in University I knew that their passion and vision towards Strength and Conditioning was something I wanted to include in my athletic profile. Their hands on techniques of coaching have been crucial in finding movement deficiences and shifting those towards strengths. I continue to use their programs while I play professionally in Sweden. Sometimes it is hard to get a 6'10 person to move but Taylor and Levi have done wonders with myself as an athelte.



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