"4 Exercises Guaranteed to Make You Faster (Non-Sense)"


Rant. Here we go.

Why does every exercise on social media have to be "explosive"? I get it, sexy stuff sells. Most of these accounts sharing this material have the most followers. And I am not saying I disagree with the material they are sharing.

BUT. I believe we do need to provide more context behind our videos. Most of the world's population are not prepared to handle the forces that are depicted in these videos. In my opinion, there are so many other variables that need to be addressed before we place athletes in this position, to work on high level plyometrics or the "I'll guarantee you're faster with these 4 exercises (non-sense)."

You're not going to buy a car from a dealership if it doesn't have brakes, are you? So my first question is, can you decelerate? If not, there is your starting block. Can you appropriately absorb force both bilaterally and unilaterally? If we can’t safely do this then how do we stand a chance when you enter the chaotic nature of sport. Sure, you may get away with doing those 4 explosive exercises and be totally fine through out your career. But on the other hand, without a concrete basement (aka athletic foundations), there is a good chance your marble countertops and Wolff appliances will eventually collapse.

The natural progression is to absorb a force and then create a new force. Ideally, this new force is coming from a stable foundation of positions. Changing direction competency doesn’t come from putting on some mini bands and hammering the stretch shortening cycle. It comes from progressions through different angles with different task restraints. With coaching. With support. Will some of these exercises support this process? Absolutely, but when the time is right. 

As an S&C coach, we need to have progressions in place. We need to provide context behind our videos. We need to do a better job at providing useful content so that when the kid who can’t necessarily afford S&C training jumps on instagram, they have the tools to create athletic competency. They don’t just jump to the exercises that look the coolest and has the most likes.

There are many coaches out there who are providing great content, that is realistic and practical. If you want to check some of these out I can name a few and link to their social media. Vernon Griffith and his team at VHP, Mike Boyle, Brett Bartholomew, Ryan Horn, Sophia Nimphius and Levi Steinhauer. This is a starting block to check out some coaches who have some skin in the game and are continually trying to reach people with the right message. To become better athletes. To move this industry forward.

That is all. 

 -Taylor Evernden.    

Vernon Griffith (@vernongriffith4)

Mike Boyle (@michael_boyle1959)

Brett Bartholomew (@coach_brettb)

Ryan Horn (@ryanhorn45)

Sophia Nimphius (@docsoph)

Levi Steinhauer (@silverbackperformancetraining)